October 1, 2013

It's All About Me

I have survived September, which exceeded all expectations and was even tougher to handle than August, and to celebrate the lovely Gina from the blog Cold Tea & Smelly Nappies decided to tag me in a meme. Just in case you don't remember, a meme is like those things you get on Facebook (or when we were kids were really printed) and then you have to do what you are told and pass it on to more people to do as they are told and pass it on and so on and so forth until the whole universe is filled with tiny minions of meme. Ok, so after we've established that I've watched the Despicable Me movies too many times (the kids love them and Yon looks and behaves exactly like a minion), I can also establish that doing what I'm told is not my strongest suit. Ok, it's not even in the top 10. And if you've seen my answers to my first meme - Music, When Needed, you would know that memes and me do not really get along, but I decided to participate in this one because, well because it's about me. And I do love to write about me. But more seriously, because it occurred to me that although I do love to write about me, and although most people reading this blog (except maybe for my parents & Hidai) knows a lot about the more intimate things going on in my life, things that are usually revealed after a long acquaintance, you know nothing about the basic things in my life. A few weeks ago (September 10th to be exact. Why shouldn't we be exact) I had the same experience, only in real life, when Steph of the blog Steph's two girls won two tickets to the wear it for Autism event in a contest run by Jane from the blog Ethan's Escapades and invited me to come with her as her plus one (shame on me for not writing about it. Bad Orli). I've read so many of Jane and Steph's posts I felt like I knew so much about them, but in fact I know nothing of the basics, and it was kind of weird meeting them and trying to get to know them when I felt I already know so much about them.. Thankfully both Jane and Steph are extremely nice and the evening was a smashing success (especially for me. I've won a cake in the raffle), but I still found it funny how we know so much without knowing anything about each other. Maybe it's what makes it easier to write, this spec of anonymity, and maybe it's because it's nicer to be someone else online - without a past, without having to reveal anything you don't want to, and maybe it's because it never comes up in conversation :)
So in honour of October, Gina, and mankind, I've decided to answer all of Gina's questions truthfully and as they are asked, but as I really can't do anything strictly as I'm asked, I have decided to include a part 2, which I've written for Mum Network that answer the question - why do you blog.
And without further ado - All about me!

 1) First off tell us your name and what you do...

My name is going to come as a shock to everyone I'm sure. Hey everyone, I'm Orli! I do and did a lot of things, but these days it's mainly being a wife, a mummy and a blogger. The percentage of each of them changes daily. 
2) I live at home with…
My Mac. But sometimes I also live with my husband Hidai (who I coerce daily to say he loves me because and not despite of my crazy), and my two wonderful boys - Ron who is an Arsenal mad, red-headed, 8 years old genius, and Yon who is actually Jonathan though no one calls him that (it's too serious you see), and is a 4 years old blond joke machine, who also has Ocular Albinism. 
3) My favourite thing to do is…
Well I was going to say spend time with my family, but I did say I will answer truthfully, so I have two - baking and watching TV. I hate cooking, but I love, love, love baking, and I am addicted to silly American TV shows. I usually don't watch dramas (As my theory is that life is hard enough as it is. TV should be all about fun), but I love almost every action / crime / thriller show there is and most sitcoms, the sillier the better. As for reality TV I only watch two shows - GBBO (of course) and the X factor (as it represent the It's Almost Christmas time of the year for me). 
4) My favourite thing to eat is…
5) When I get cross I…
When I get really cross I slam doors, shouts and yells. I get angry fast, am very bad with apologies and have a mean temper. I really am not one of those passive-aggressive types, or the sullen types, or the quiet types. I shout. I also don't get really angry very often, and there are only a handful of things that will cause me to do all these things. Especially if someone is late (a hint for Hidai, who is reading this). Usually I stick with yell a little and move on.
6) Sometimes I worry because…
Are you kidding me? I worry all the time, and trust me if I start listing all the reasons you will have to sit here reading for a long long time. Like I always tell Hidai - If I won't worry, what else will I do???
7) My favourite book is…
I have so many. I love reading. I really don't get too many opportunities to read these days, but I do try. I love fiction, obviously. And nothing too heavy. I love thrillers, crime novels and most of all romance. But my absolute favourite book of all times is The Lord Of The Rings, if only for the "not all those who wonder are lost" line. Because I also love to wonder.
8) My favourite toy is (easy now)…
My iPhone. I am addicted to Candy Crush and Bejewelled Blitz. Both help me clear my head and are similar to meditation for me. 
9) I dislike…
People being late, dishonesty, mess and bugs of all kind. 
10) When I grow up I want to be…
That's a tough one. I have no idea. I've been so many things and people already, I really like just being me. But for this exercise I think the only dream I have that I will probably won't ever realise so maybe it fits here, is run my own bakery. 

I am even going to tag some other people because I said I am going to do the whole thing properly - 
1. Nicola of the blog The Road Outside
2. Steph of the blog Steph's two girls 
3. Jane from the blog Ethan's Escapades 
4. Natalie from the blog Plutonium Sox
5. Lucas from the blog Abstract Lucas
6. Mrs Boosmum from the blog Premmeditations 

That's it! You can go over to Mum's Network for part 2 if you are still not totally convinced that I am a complete loony (trust me, you will after part 2). And anyway I hope you all like me the same after reading all this. The only other option I see is that you like me less, so please don't.

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