I just got one of the biggest confirmations that I've made it in the blogging world - I got sent stuff to check out and tell all of you about it. So after I finished jumping around the house and high-fiving myself, I opened this new section of the blog, in which I intend to write about products I tried out for you (just for you, am I nice or what?) and I want to recommend.

Disclaimer: some products I get paid to write about, some not, but it doesn't really matter - everything I write is my honest opinion, and if I don't like something I won't write about it since a) it's not that much money that it's worth compromising my integrity; b) I usually try to go with the "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything" rule. Not in life, just in reviews.

Ozeri Nonstick Frying pan 
I am going to burst everyone's bubble here. I don't like cooking. I like baking, quite a lot, but I hate cooking. I find it a boring necessity, with two small children in the house (and a budget to adhere to), but I would be lying through my teeth if I was to say I like it. In fact, every time I think to myself "oh no, my kids are growing up so fast, they will soon leave me", myself reminds me, that when my kids leave I won't have to cook anymore. Ever. So you see, I have never owned nice pots and pans. 
Warburtons Lunches
Liven up your lunch is the name of Warburtons new campaign that aims to help families, well, liven up their lunches. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical. My kids have a pretty set in stone menu for what they will eat at lunch, and any time I try to deviate from it... Let's just say it doesn't end well. But when I was asked to participate in this "Krazy Kitchen" campaign I though about two things - everyone in this house is already crazy, so why not to add the lunches to it...

Walker's Hoops & Crosses 
Walkers sent me the most beautiful package that contained a packet of the new hoops & crosses snack and a monkey. Okay so they didn't really send a real monkey but Yon was so happy with the cuddly one he got that he snatched it away and put it on his bed so "it will be safe". He refused to taste the snack, so gave his thumbs up to the packaging and toy :).


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