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This page is for me to have a home for all those bloggers and blogs I love reading. Mostly because if I don't put them all together in one place I will lose them... I am not very organised you see.
If you are here, you'll probably take a look around and see so many different blogs. The thing is, I choose my blogs like I do everything else in life - with no apparent reason to anyone but me. All these blogs have something that speaks to me.

Ethan's Escapades
Ethans Escapades   Ethans Escapades

Premmeditations: Reflections on Premmie Parenting

Mum in a Hurry 
Mum in a Hurry


Mummy Kindness  -

I'm sure I forgot people, and I am really sorry for that.
So if you are here looking at my list going "but I thought she likes me", please don't take it personally or as a sign I don't adore you and your blog. I promise you I do. I am just so unorganised, and list making is not my forte :( Please just shout at me on Twitter or Facebook or here, "Hey! what about me?! how could you not include ME?!" and I promise I will bang my head against the wall and say "how did I forget???" (to be honest I had to redo the list three times because I kept forgetting people) :)

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