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Hi, I am Orli D., and Just Breathe is what I tell myself every single day. Especially today. Welcome to my tiny corner of the web, where life is just a tad too complicated. I made a list to tell you why, but instead I will tell you why you should stay and read my blog: because it’s good :), because if you are a parent and have kids around the ages of 4-8 (or if you really want to know what 4 and 8 years old boys are up to) you will probably find yourself here, because if you have a child with SEN, Ocular Albinism or Vision Impairment, who was just diagnosed (or ones that were diagnosed a long time ago) and you are looking for a sympathetic ear, a shoulder to cry on, loads of information, and someone who goes through the same journey – you will find it here. Because if you are moving – a neighbourhood, a city, a country - and you want advice, information and to see a real-life moving-survivor, you will find it here. Because if you like some honest writing, a cynical outlook on life, and geeky references – you will find it here.
You’re still here? Great, let’s get to know each other. I am a wife, a mum, and a blogger. In our 13 years together Hidai (great husband, weird name) and I have been through (almost) everything you can imagine. Some of it was good, some of it bad, and none of it was ever boring. We have two great kids – Ron, who is a gifted 8 years old football fanatic, and Yon, who is an animal-crazy 4 years old who has Ocular Albinism, a genetic condition that impairs his vision severely.
At the end of 2009 we relocated through Hidai's work from Israel to Gibraltar (a tiny tiny British overseas territory in the south of Spain) when Ron was 4 years old and Yon 4 months old. After two and a half years of lots of fun and lots of tough times we decided to move again, this time we chose London – our favourite city in the world. We got here in July 2012, and still haven’t been to Madame Tussauds (but we’ve been to the Changing of the Guard about 6 times).
Twice we left behind a lifetime, twice we left family and friends, and twice we had to start over.
Orli, Just Breathe was born to tell my story and to help other parents that are on the same journey as me to feel less alone in the world, to know what I so wanted someone to tell me – that it’s all going to be okay. And today, with more than 13,000 pageviews a month Orli, Just Breathe is on its way to becoming exactly this place. A place for parents to get an honest (and cynical) outlook on parenting, on modern life, on raising kids who are different – be that gifted or SEN, a place to comment, to ask questions and to feel less lonely.

If you like my blog, if you like to talk, if you need advice:
Twitter: @orli_hidai
Instagram: orli_hidai
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If you are a PR person, or you would like to see my disclaimer - go here!

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