Life as an Expat

Moving to London
Moving is hard to do. I always find that the hardest part of moving is the questions. Sure, I am neurotic and a control freak so I always believe that research is key and knowledge is power.

Moving with Kids
Making sure your kids are ready to move is by far the toughest part of moving. Someone asked me how we did it. How did we explain to the kids that we are moving again? So after answering her, and realising I totally repressed those conversations we had with Ron, I thought that maybe there are others who will find it interesting, and in any case - if we ever want to move again, it's a good starting point...

My Posts about Moving to London
Even though this is our second move, it hasn't been easy. Sometimes it was very much impossible. Having the option to reinvent yourself every couple of years, to try out new places, see new cultures, visit new places, is fun. Very much so. But the feeling of not having a home, not belonging anywhere, not understanding what is going on, is sometimes unbearable. And in the end, it's the loneliness that gets to you, every time. You survive the tough moments because that is what they are - moments. 

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