January 27, 2014

Spread a little happiness (#spreadalittlehappiness)

A few weeks ago the lovely Jocelyn from The Reading Residence contacted me about taking part in a blog flash mob and spread some happiness around. Of course I said yes, because how can you possibly say no to the wish to spread some happiness? Then the not any less lovely Jeanette from Autism Mumma invited me to join her linky "You are my sunshine" that, you know, spread some happiness around. Honestly, I have no idea how they both came to think that I am any good in spreading happiness but of course I said yes, because how can you possibly say no to the wish to spread some happiness? I am sure you can guess what happens next, because life is funny like this - nothing good or happy or funny.
Well, thinking about it now, maybe that isn't completely true, it is January 27 after all. And that means one very big and very happy thing - we have survived yet another January. The longest, saddest most depressing month of the year is nearly finished, and it will be one whole year before it will be January again. We have passed Blue Monday, the end is near (and so is the next payday) and the last few days of January are the perfect time of the year to try and find some cheer I guess. In fact it reminded me that last year I made a January Happy List intended to do just that - reflect on all the things that were good and happy in January, in the hopes that it will lift my spirit enough to forget the fact that February really isn't much better than January. Though it does have something going for it - it is 3 days shorter than January.
New year photo - bring on 2014!
So here it is - January, the good bits:

1. I read two books. You might think that 2 books really isn't all that much, I know some people have joined a 52 books challenge, but compared to last year's 5 books all year (that should really read no books all year), I went for a book a month goal, just because as I saw it, reading means I have free time for myself. I managed two in January, which puts me ahead and also is good because there is no way I can read a book every month, and now I have a month free of reading-pressure. Unfortunately what it also means is that I haven't been sleeping well, because I don't really have time for myself, what I do have is a Kindle and insomnia. But we are focusing on the good things.
2. I discovered I don't have a serious medical problem, as in MS. Only some weird structural things in my neck. And with that I am finished with the NHS and physiotherapy.
3. I got a new MacBook which I absolutely love. And with a nice discount from Apple and selling my old one, it only cost me a quarter of its original price. And the best thing about it - it actually works, and when you want to open the photo editor while still listening to music and keeping the Safari open, because I am irrational like that, it does not hold out a note saying "are you kidding me?!"
Me & my Mac
4. I started volunteering in the boys school. Since the beginning of January I volunteer at school once a week and help prepare children to the Bond 11+ exams. I was under "new staff" in the last Governor's report. It is something I have been thinking about for a while and am very happy I had the courage to set up. It also really made me appreciate teaching and teachers much more. And I only have 5 kids in my club...
My room at school. I have a badge and everything.
5. I was in Good Housekeeping Magazine, in an article they wrote about our visit to Parliament and meeting with the PM.

6. The kids went back to school, and did very very well. Ron got lots of praises for his writing, and got to read a poem in the special assembly they had for students and parents.

7. Ron and Hidai went to see Arsenal win, which is good for everyone - for Arsenal, for them, and for me because I got a few hours of quiet and two happy boys.

8. Yon learned how to play on the xBox. It is so much easier for him than the Wii. He got an animal game and got the hang of the driving game really fast. I know people say you shouldn't be happy and even more than that you shouldn't encourage your kids to play in these electronic games, but with Yon's vision the fact that he can see the courser, and manage to operate the games is nothing short of amazing.
Yon driving
9. I lost 2.5 kilos since I started Weight Watchers again on the second week of January. I know it doesn't read like this from my Friday Diet series, and though it has not all been a smooth ride, but I am starting to feel better and look like myself again.
10. We've started a new "Movie Night" tradition every Saturday evening with the boys, and it's really fun having an excuse to actually take the time to watch movies, and especially ones that can only be classified as guilty pleasures, or more accurately "all the movies you are too ashamed to admit you want to watch". This week for example we watched Pirates Of The Caribbean. Only problem is, there is no popcorn. Or wine. Or chocolate.

And last but by no mean least, in fact it should have been first, because it makes me smile every time they do that - I got the boys to sing. On camera.


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